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Vintage Jewelry
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Bustdown Miami Cubans/ Tennis Chains!

Our team is committed to providing customers with satisfaction everytime. This starts with the Diamonds we use for our products. Our team handpicks for each project to deliver nothing but TOP QUALITY for each masterpiece!

Step 1 Dream it! - What are we making? (Style,Kt,Length,Thickness,Diamond Quality)

Step 2 Design it! - Our Professional design team will review the specs and provide a quote within 48-72 hours.

Step 3 Approve it! -  Review quote and provide payment to being crafting. (Be advised all weights are approximate until final product is completed)


Step 4 Wear it! - Allow 3-4 weeks for completion and delivery of product! Unless otherwise noted!


Custom Chains/Pendants!

 Step 1 Dream it! - Tell us the vision you have for your piece 

Step 2 Design it! - Our professional design team will turn your vision into a reality. 


Step 3 Approve it! - Review and approve the design to begin crafting. 


Step 4 Wear it! -  Fast & Secure shipping.

Rock your design!!

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